Q&A - Sleaford Mods

The Nottingham duo of Sleaford Mods have created a stripped down array of primitive beats and poetic punk vocals to forge a sound that mixes anger with the darkest of humours. We spoke to vocalist, Jason Williamson about his recent expulsion from the Labour party, his thoughts on present-day guitar bands, their upcoming tour and their forthcoming EP release T.C.R.

Q&A - Baba Naga

We have sat down with musical soothsayers, Baba Naga and convened a shamanic circle for your delectation.  This extraordinary musical force is hurtling towards Liverpool Psych-Fest in September to soothe your weary souls and inspire your fractured minds. Read what they had to say about their upcoming performance and their dedication to achieving spiritual liberation.

Q&A - Rats on Rafts

Dutch indie rock, psych-punks, Rats on Rafts have cultivated a reputation for their roaring and incendiary live performances.  Full tilt, full throttle and mercilessly ferocious, a Rats on Rafts’ set will leave you shaking, twitching and sweating adrenaline.  We caught up with them to discuss their forthcoming tour, the Dutch music scene in 2016 and future dream collaborations.

Review - War Dogs

Read our review of War Dogs, the new release from Warner Bros., following the true life story of David Packouz a Floridian college dropout with a lousy job, small apartment and inexplicably attractive girlfriend, desperate to make something more of himself. 

Q&A - Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

Mexican duo Lorelle Meets the Obsolete have been essential listening for some time now.  With their fourth album, ‘Balance’ about to be released and one appearance at Liverpool Psych-Fest already in their rear view mirror, this psychedelic twosome will take you on a spaced out musical journey towards synthetic and analogue fusion.

Q&A - Cavern of Anti Matter

Cavern of Anti Matter (COAM) is the new project from Stereolab founder, Tim Gane. We caught up with them in lieu of their forthcoming performance at, Liverpool Psych-Fest to discuss their latest album release, politics in music and collaborating with Deerhunter’s, Bradford Cox.

Watch Trailer for Oasis Documentary, 'Supersonic'

Just watching the trailer will plunge you into a nostalgic revelry that you may never want to come out of.  Charting their jobless and day-dreamy days growing up in Burnage, Manchester to getting signed by Alan McGhee the documentary goes onto show the musical explosion and manic adoration that followed after Oasis’ first album release, Definitely Maybe.