Q&A: Neal Heard

A Lover’s Guide to Football Shirts is a self-proclaimed high-end coffee table book that looks at the cultural and stylistic history of jerseys, and explores the special place they hold in the hearts of children and men-children alike. We caught up with him to get the low-down.

Q&A - The Oscillation

Amongst this year's Psych-Fest congregation are the utterly hypnotic, The Oscillation. In advance of their performance we exchanged words and thoughts with the man at the creative core of the band, Demien Castellanos.  Prepare yourselves to be beguiled and fascinated in equal measure.  Here’s what Demien had to say about how he learned to play guitar and what it is to be human.

Q&A - Silver Apples

We caught up with the creative visionary behind Silver Apples and modern day Renaissance man, Simeon Coxe to discuss his upcoming performance at Liverpool Psych Fest, where he finds his inspiration and how Pan Am airways sued Silver Apples into near permanent extinction.

InstaBAM! - Richard Simpkin

Pre-Instagram andlLong before your auntie was doing selfies, Richard Simpkins was quietly building the world's largest collection of celebrity selfies. Over 27 years the Australian has collected over 2000 photographs with celebs. By 2000 he had enough photos for his exhibition 'Richard and Famous.

Q&A - Flamingods

Flamingods are a five-piece multi-instrumental band founded in 2009 by Kamal Rasool in Bahrain. Now based in the UK, the band are exploratory and experimental - often taking influence from different cultures around the world using an extensive collection of instruments from as far as Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Japan and Tanzania.

Review - Suicide Squad

‘Suicide Squad’ is the latest from the production line of big budget superhero films. The build up to its release came with a wealth of hype and debate - from the casting of Will Smith and Jared Leto, to the quality of the trailer.