The Best Films of 2016 (So Far)

At the time of writing this article, July had only just begun - which means that 2016 is already half over. While some will complain over “the football” and Brexit, or simply lay confused at how the last six months have passed them by, we at Coney’s Loft have decided to celebrate it with a list of the greatest films of the year… So far.

Introducing - Shame

Shame seem to revel in the challenge of playing art-noise equipped with relevant levels of reverb and distortion, all of which is accompanied by the vehemently charged lyrics of frontman Charlie Steen from whom nobody is safe.

InstaBAM! - Thunderpuss


Thunderpuss lives and works in Los Angeles. She uses illustration and clay animations to deliver often humorous depictions. Currently working with the band Trudy and The Romance on their cover designs, Thunderpuss' art is colourful, nostalgic and playful. However, alongside The Beach Boys as crumbling green monsters are works with powerful uncensored messages of female sexuality and emotion. 


Preview - Bloomberg New Contemporaries

This year, Bloomberg New Contemporaries returns to Liverpool’s Bluecoat after 30 years with a new crop of emerging artists. The show forms part of Liverpool Biennial 2016, of which New Contemporaries has been an integral component since 1999.