Creative content for Barbour


What we did

Coney's Loft brought a previously untapped cultural aspect to Barbour through the world of lauded new music talent. By working with us, the brand gained a stream of new, agenda-setting fans.

Briefed by Barbour's PR manager, we curated four bands to launch Barbour International's Facebook page. The acts were streamed playing live from Barbour's flagship store at Piccadilly, London on the brand's Facebook page.

Being at the heart of the cultural conversation, we were able to recruit significant names on brand with Barbour International - Hooton Tennis Club, Ren Harvieu, Cattle & Cane and Natalie McCool.

Using our high quality content creation skills, we interviewed and photographed each act for Barbour's blog, leading up to the live sessions.

Working with Cult Digital on the streaming, we were able to help grow Barbour's International's Facebook page by 571%. The content reached over 1,700 people and the conversation around our hashtag #barbourintsessions reached 1.2 million people.



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