Collage led design


From John Stezaker, through to James Gallagher, collage is omnipresent in today's art and design conversation. Our collage work has been featured in international publications such as Design Week and New York's Secret Behaviour. We have also exhibited in galleries across the UK, provided collage designs for publications such as The Skinny and collaged onto a boot for Dr Martens to help them reflect the 80s street trend where girls would buy then customise the simple 8-hole Dr Martens boot. In addition to this work, we have created posters for the likes of Heavenly Records. 

Here's writer and fellow collage artist Michael Lacey talking about the medium over on the magazine. 

Read on below to discover our collage-led projects. 

The Skinny, editorial illustration. 

The Parrots poster for Heavenly Records. Our brief was to incorporate a DIY, fanzine aesthetic. This was achieved by hand collaging our design onto a vintage found book cover. 


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