Lowly - Q&A

Lowly - Q&A

Q. How do you write songs? Is it a purely collaborate effort, or does one person come up with a base idea and you elaborate on it? How does the process work?

We all write music and lyrics in Lowly, both individually and in pairs consisting of different members of the band. We record demos and bring them to the rest of the band, who takes it to a entirely new place, which it what makes it a Lowly-song.

Q. How did the band come together?

We met at our school, brought together by Nanna and Thomas. It was only meant to be a two-week project, but our internal chemistry and what it could do to an audience was so special that we had to continue. We all had side projects at the time that felt more important, but soon Lowly took completely over.

Q. Your new single is called 'Deer eyes', are any particular influences on that track?

Please read: http://nordicplaylist.com/lowly-interview-iceland-airwaves/                                      

Q. Are there any general influences on the band that fans might not expect? Musical or non musical...

Actually we all have kind of varied musical backgrounds and influences, which is also what makes the band special. Hip hop, classical music, jazz, art, punk, wine, 20th century poetry…

Q. What's the band's collective favourite film?

Inside Out.

Q. Was there a single point in the band's career where you thought 'Wow this could actually go somewhere', say for example a gig, or a tour?

Yea, we have some highlights, but the ‘wow’-feeling is most present the times people come and tell us that they are inspired or moved by our music.

Q. Are there any new artists/old artists that you're loving at the moment?

Yes! Actually, we have a playlist of songs we love, that we update regularly: https://open.spotify.com/user/lowlyband/playlist/09p3EYm6mEFNvhTyi2rsQN

Q. What's your favourite gig venue to play/to go to a gig at?

Henrik Vibskov’s studio on Papirøen in Copenhagen is great!

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