The Moonlandingz - Announce New Album

The Moonlandingz - Announce New Album

The siren call has gone out – perverts, psychopaths, egoists, gangsters, gamblers, addicts, preachers and narcissists come together – the soundtrack to your otherness will soon be upon us.  The mind-bending, semi-fictional cosmic noise collective The Moonlandingz have released details of their forthcoming debut album ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’ – released on Transgressive Records in March 2017 and doubled up with a UK tour

Starting out in 2015 The Moonlandingz have nurtured a reputation as one of the most thrillingly transgressive live bands in recent times.  Comprised of Eccentronic Research Council’s Adrian Flanagan and Dean Honer in cahoots with Fat White Family’s Lias Saoudi (aka frontman Johnny Rocket) and Saul Adamczewski they have now created their first major work. They recorded the album with Sean Lennon at his studio in upstate New York and it includes a mesmeric array of collaborations including Randy Jones (the Cowboy from The Village People), Rebecca Taylor from Slow Club, drummer Ross Orton, bassist Mairead O’Connor, Phil Oakey and YOKO fucking ONO, who sings and yowls on epic closer ‘This Cities Undone’.

Lead single ‘Black Hanz’ gives a taster of the pomp, the camp, the sci-fi spookiness and the beautiful, dreamy hopelessness contained in this album. Elsewhere there is throbbing rage, jerking disco, swoonsome idiocy and giddy heights; you might think of the moron-savantism of Devo and The Monks, you might think of Nick Cave’s strange crooning, you might think of The Eagles doing the music from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, you might think of Daphne Oram and the music on a fairground ride, you might dig deep down into their new reality.

Finally, we leave the last word to frontman and sociopathic lyric crooner Johnny Rocket “It is with a great lack of humility that I would like to announce the release of the album of the epoch, a derogatory slap in the face of good taste and decency, an album synthesised out of pure irresponsibility and sheer self-adoration. Consider this album two great monoliths, one of misanthropy the other self-love, it is unyielding in its perfect duality. There shall be no such thing as pop music henceforth, for in the wake of this cultural Big Bang all other efforts in the medium will appear to be what they always truly have been: puddles of tepid consciousness.”

‘Interplanetary Class Classics’ is available to PRE-ORDER NOW on vinyl, CD and digital. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Vessels

2. Sweet Saturn Mine

3. Black Hanz

4. I.D.S.

5. The Strangle Of Anna (feat Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club)

6. Theme From Valhalladale

7. The Rabies Are Back

8. Neuf De Pape

9. Glory Hole (feat Randy Jones from Village People)

10. Lufthanza Man

11. The Cities Undone (feat Yoko Ono & friends)

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