C Duncan - Q&A

C Duncan - Q&A

We catch up with C Duncan in advance of his UK tour to talk influences, electronica and good old parental guidance. 

Can you tell us all about your most recent album ‘The Midnight Sun’, released in early October?

I am very happy to have released a second record! It is a little different from my debut album - It is a lot more electronic and has a darker vibe. It is inspired by The Twilight Zone.

How have your different musical tastes and abilities been explored from childhood to now?

Very much so! As a young teenager I was into very heavy rock music, which progressed to grunge. I then started listening to alternative music and by the end of school I was listening to contemporary classical music.I now listen to absolutely everything - I have a very eclectic taste in music.

As an electronica/dreampop musician can you tell us about the challenges you’ve faced with translating your usual home studio setup into a live show? 

It was very difficult to begin with. When I write and record music I never think about how it will be performed live as I don’t like to give myself those limitations. I have arranged the music to work when we play it live, and it is getting closer to the recorded music as the live band grows and I become more confident on stage.

Would you say that growing up in Glasgow influenced your music?

It influenced and continues to influence my music. It is a very diverse place and full of art and artists. The variety of output from Glasgow mixed with the architecture and general feel of the city (which is laidback and friendly) has contributed to my music. Also, the climate of Scotland has influenced my music and way of writing (It can be very cold and dark).

Would you say it is helpful or confusing as a musician to have such an eclectic taste in music when trying to discover your own path and style?

Not for me personally. I have always tried to include all of my influences in my music which is what I think has really helped shape my own style. 

A lot of your inspirations are female artists (Royksopp, Cocteau Twins). What do they have in common that had such an influence on you?

High register vocals have always interested me the most. I’m a big fan of melody and the female and high male voice I feel sits nicely on top of the accompaniment - there is a clarity to it that doesn’t get lost inthe mix.

Your February UK tour supporting Elbow is drawing near. Is there anywhere you are particularly excited to visit? 

I am very excited to spend a bit more time in Dublin as I’ve only been there once and it is a beautiful city. The Manchester shows will be a lot of fun as that’s Elbow’s hometown. Having said that, I’m looking forward to visiting all the places on the tour.

How do you think your parent’s influence as classical musicians has helped you? 

They have always encouraged me to be creative and have introduced me to a lot of music. Being musicians themselves they can always help me out with good and constructive feedback on what I’m doing. 

What are your future ambitions over the next year or two in terms of artists you’d like to collaborate with and avenues you’d like to explore?

I’d very much like to collaborate with Julia Holter. I have only recently discovered her music and I find it fascinating and very beautiful. I’d also like to explore writing music for film and get back to writing more classical music again.

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