Wild Nothing announces new album 'Life of Pause'

Wild Nothing announces new album 'Life of Pause'

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Condensing all the good stuff -The Wake, The Go Betweens, C86, Sarah Records, flutes, synths, melody and oblique lyrics that somehow cut through, Jack Tatum's Wild Nothing released a Coney's Loft staple in 2010 with the utterly replayable  'Chinatown' from debut 'Gemini'. 

Five years on, Tatum is back with third-studio album 'Life of Pause', released on 19 February via Bella Union.

Tatum said. “I desperately wanted for this to be the kind of record that would displace me.

“I’m terrified by the idea of being any one thing, or being of any one genre. And whether or not I accomplish that, I know that my only hope of getting there is to constantly reinvent. That reinvention doesn't need to be drastic, but every new record has to have it's own identity, and it has to have a separate set of goals from what came before.

“I allowed myself to go down every route I could imagine even if it ended up not working for me,” he says. “I owe it to myself to take as many risks as possible. Songs are songs and you have to allow yourself to be open to everything.”

After a prolonged period of writing and experimentation, recording took place over several weeks in both Los Angeles and Stockholm, with producer Thom Monahan (Devendra Banhart, Beachwood Sparks).

Monahan  aided Tatum in his search for a more natural and organically textured sound.

In Sweden, in a studio once owned by ABBA, they enlisted Peter, Bjorn and John drummer John Ericsson and fellow Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra veteran TK, to contribute drums and marimba. In California, at Monahan’s home, Tatum collaborated with Medicine guitarist Brad Laner and a crew of saxophonists. From the hypnotic polyrhythms of “Reichpop” to the sugary howl of “Japanese Alice” to the hallucinogenic R&B of “A Woman’s Wisdom, the result is a complete, fully immersive listening environment. “I just kept things really simple, writing as ideas came to me,” he says. “There’s definitely a different kind of ‘self’ in the picture this time around. There's no real love lost, it's much more a record of coming to terms and defining what it is that you have—your place, your relationships. I view every record as an opportunity to write better songs. At the end of the day it still sounds like me, just new.”

Wild Nothing – Life of Pause

Lady Blue
A Woman’s Wisdom
Japanese Alice
Life of Pause
To Know You
TV Queen
Whenever I
Love Underneath My Thumb


Listen to “TV Queen”/”To Know You”:

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