Harry Sherriff - Ted, Fred & Deb

Harry Sherriff - Ted, Fred & Deb

Writer & Director Harry Sherriff is premiering a film a month on Coney's Loft throughout 2016.

Here is Ted, Fred & Deb, featuring Ciaran Griffiths from Shane Meadows' This Is England '90. 

Harry said: "This film shouldn't exist but I'm glad it does. When you set out to make 12 short films in 12 months you've got to expect the shit to hit the fan at least once. 

I had written a serious thriller that had little dialogue, this was a stylistic choice because of the talky comedies that we had made previously. Three days before the shoot, it fell apart. We still needed to cast a role and a crew member became ill. It couldn't have been helped and seeing as we were on the 21st April, the monthly shorts were in jeopardy. You can't skip a month and do two the next, I promised myself in January that wasn’t an option.

I was determined to not drop the ball, especially with it only being April. I got up early on the Friday morning, wrote a bad four pages that I would rewrite that night and spent two days scouting Manchester for a phone box. The dream was to shoot at one of the old style red phone boxes but it wasn't to be. I must have recce'd 20 phone boxes on the Friday & Saturday and the one in the film is ten minutes from my flat.

I must give major shout outs to Olivia Sweeney & Ciaran Griffiths for crushing the dialogue. Ciaran has recently been in This Is England '90 and Olivia was in Ordinary Lies so it's great experience working with actors that are so pro! They only had about 24 hours with the script so it's a testament to them that I mainly used the first take in the master shot. Also a shout out to the sound man Ryan McMurray at Brackn Audio because as you can tell, a phone box by a road is not an ideal place to record sound but he did an amazing job.

If last month's influences were Roy Andersson & Jim Jarmusch this month's has to be Martin McDonagh. The two ideas that merged were 'wouldn't it be cool to do something at a phone box?' and 'maybe an In Bruges type thing but with a man & a woman?'

Overall I'm happy with the film, the feedback has been positive and 250 people watched it in the first day. 

We shoot May's film on the 21st and I haven't got anything for it. So it starts all over again.


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