The Smiths Jukebox - Mike Joyce's favourite albums

Mike Joyce of The Smiths talks us through his favourite albums. 

Buzzcocks: Another Music in a Different Kitchen

Featuring the drummer that made me pick up the sticks in the first place.
The ultimate marriage of pop and punk. How much of an honour and privilege to play with Buzzcocks in '90/'91? Off the scale...

Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks

As Lydon correctly states,"Anger is an energy!"
An album that left me breathless on first listen...and still does. Paul Cook is one hell of a player and his playing is criminally underrated. Check out Cook's later work with Edwyn Collins, always just right.

Magazine: The Correct Use of Soap 

Every musician on the album has a very unique style and sound. Put them together and you create an indefinable genre. Featuring the late, great John McGeoch who I was lucky enough to play with during my stint with Public Image Ltd

Siouxsie & the Banshees: Ju Ju

I think this is McGeoch's finest hour. A lot of the guitar playing on this album doesn't actually sound like a guitar. And what a combination with Budgie on drums.

Adam and the Ants: Dirk Wears White Sox

Another album that manages to be completely genreless. Great playing from all, especially Dave Barbarossa who went on to form Bow Bow Bow. An album that inspired me to travel to London for the first time aged 16 to see them in concert at The Electric Ballroom.  A great bill supported by: Classic Nouveaux, A Certain Ratio and The Distractions.

Roxy Music: Roxy Music

Worth it for the blistering opening track, Remake-Remodel on it's own. Featuring another highly underrated player, Paul Thompson on drums.

Blondie: Parallel Lines

No filler on this classic. Have always been a big fan of Clem Burke. Was pretty shocked though to hear the  original recording of 'Hanging on The Telephone'  by The Nerves.

David Bowie: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars

Every track could be a considered a single. Musically Mick Ronson completely dominates this album. From his string arrangement on the opening track '5 Years' to his trademark guitar sound on 'Suffragette City' 

Innervisions: Stevie Wonder

It don't get more funky than this. Stevie Wonder is on fire on this album which includes the totally epic, 'Living for the City'. What's even more mind blowing is that Stevie Wonder played just about every instrument on this record. Next time you listen to this album, just check out the amazing drumming. Yep, Stevie plays drums on every song!

The Beatles: Revolver

Ooooh, The Beatles get trippy! Some amazing sounds and recording techniques were used on this album. My favourite Beatles album.

Mike Joyce appears at the Gigantic Indie All Dayer Vol.3, Saturday 28 May, Manchester Academy.

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