Q&A - The Raveonettes

Q&A - The Raveonettes

By The Sea's Chris Pickering interviews Sune Rose Wagner from The Raveonettes.

Q: Many of the themes, sound textures and timbres in your music are evocative of the soundscapes in b-movies and neo noir film & TV, such as the work of David Lynch. Has cinematic music always influenced on your sound?

A: Let’s just say I watch more movies than I listen to music. Textures and soundscapes are interesting and fun to create.

Q: I've always thought Lust Lust Lust is like the soundtrack to one of the best films never made. If you could re-score the soundtrack for any film as The Raveonettes what would it be?

A: Thanks. I would have loved to have scored The Virgin Suicides.

Q: Is there anything that you've ever tried to move away from in regards to writing and recording, yet always seem to repeat, either subconsciously or inevitably?

A: Not really no. I appreciate our sound and it seems like no matter what song we do in any style it always sounds like us.

Q: I don't know if you're aware but your fellow countryman Jan Mølby is somewhat of a legend in one half of Liverpool. He visited my school when I was 6 and we were all promised an autograph each. We ended up with a photocopy. Did you experience any similar disappointments growing up?

A: I’m very well aware of Mølby and his status in Liverpool:) I come from a very small town in the Southern part of Denmark, we didn’t have too many legends drop by….

Q: If there was one Raveonettes song you could erase from existence, what would it be? 

A: Haha none….I’m very proud of our work.

Q: You've chosen to release your new album 'Excuses' in a unconventional, yet refreshing form (A new song released every month of 2016). Was this a reaction to the way in which music is consumed these days or maybe even a homage to the serial releases of books and comics?

A: I loved focusing on one song and not worry about making them all fit together, it’s quite liberating. Making an album is fun too but right now this is fun.

Q: How did it play a role in the sequencing of the songs?

A: Nothing has been sequenced yet.

Q: Do you think that releases like this could be the future in a world where albums dropped onto streaming apps on the day of release often don't benefit from the same start-to-finish listening experience of the physical era?

A: I think people listen to music in many different ways so it’s hard to say. I love listening to albums when I’m driving but never at home for instance.

Q: An integral part of your sound has always been your dazzling array of guitar pedals and the way they work in the signal chain. If you could only save one, what would it be?

A: Pro Co Rat.

Q: What's great about 2016?

A: Yes is the new no!

Q: What's shit about 2016?

A: Not everyone agrees with that….

Cheers, Sune Rose Wagner

Photo Credit: Amber and Ashlie Chavez

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