Q&A - The Moonlandingz

Q&A - The Moonlandingz

Semi-fictional psychedelic conduits for 'cosmic noise', The Moonlandingz are back with new single ‘The Strangle of Anna’. 

Since the inception of this full throttle collaboration between members of Fat White Family and Eccentronic Research Council, the expectations and anticipations of their present and future deeds and doings have reached feverish proportions.

With forthcoming debut album, Interplanetary Class Classics (out 24 March on Transgressive records) in the pipeline, we caught up with The Moonlandingz synth man and songwriter Adrian Flanagan. 

Q: Flying in the face of the apocalyptic predictions of eastern European mystic, Baba Vanga, you announced (and are soon to embark on) your Spring tour, what can we expect to see?

A: We are in a room playing in front of a thousand people, everyone's gonna get something different out of it, that's where the magic is, where the spark starts!!...But if I was gonna be incredibly hilarious & puerile I'd probably say you'll get a live, throbbing, oscillating, cascading, version of them graffiti'd 'Cock & Balls' you get on the side of garage walls and in toilet cubicles; soundtracked by incredible, future popular music , coming at you like a big, fuck off, cartoon, party cannon of love !! (Laughs)

Q: If we were to lock you all up in a room and force you into a bare knuckle prize fighting competition who in the band writes a poem and why?

A: Probably, Mairead (O'Connor) our live fictional guitarist. She's the only one who can read and use a pen within this motley crew of petulant no marks... I sir, use a Quill!!

Q: There is abundant energy and transgression in your sound and in your performances.  Reading other snippets about you, it seems you have been hard to define for those most keen on definitions. Please discuss.

A: I really don't think we are that hard to categorise, we are simply the greatest fictional psychedelic pop group, on and off the planet...there's nothing satirical about the music, we don't sit down and go, 'right, lets parody this kind of music or that kind of music', it's genuinely and generally just what comes out, I'm making the music I want to make, Moonlandingz Music. I'm a massive music fan, we all are, I love all kinds of music from across the globe... I draw the line at that wet yer pants bumford & sons type of shite though. Even they have gone all fucking 'world music' now haven't they? There's Nowt worse than faux chimney sweeps muscling in on a Paul Simon 'Gracelands' tip..That to me is so fucking contrived, you can imagine them in their gypsy caravan going "how can we get people to like us? I know, lets condescend African people & their music & get them to front our band & maybe then no one will notice our dainty, Oliver Twist waistcoats & our utter shiteness!!!!! (laughs). 

Q: To what extent are you playing your character and to what extent do you become your characters?

A: We do it so well, you would never know the difference. We are seamless, consummate professionals!!

Q: To the best of your brain, who wins in a fight, a half-man-half-fork or an angry cheese with a pair of nunchucks? Why?

A: Half fork!? Angry bleeding cheese??!!  You’re off yer rocker pal..stick to trying to be Stan Boardman! (Laughs)

Q: Lias (Saoudi) aka Johnny Rocket, has said that his warm up/get the vocal chords woken up and buzzing song is ‘Rawhide’.  With the interesting titbit now noted, please describe your feelings, emotions and (more generally) what’s going on in your noggin’ during your actual performances?

A: We've usually taken so many mushrooms that our limbs are sprouting branches and the audience have all turned in to smurfs eating spaghetti hoops. We are so mentally to the wind that we can only ever transcend our own expectancies.

Q: You have promised us cosmic noise and even the exchange of bodily fluids, what can we (the receptive public) do for you in return?

A: Just take it, resistance is futile.

Tour dates: 

22nd Newcastle Cluny

23rd Glasgow Stereo

24th Dublin Whelans

25th Liverpool Invisible Wind Factory

28th Birmingham Hare & Hounds

29th Nottingham Rescue Rooms

30th Manchester Gorilla


1st Sheffield Leadmill

2nd Bristol Thekla

3rd Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

4th London Village Underground

19th Oxford The Bullingdon

20th Rouen Le 106 Club

21st Bourges Le Printemps de Bourges Festival

22nd Cologne Artheater

24th Berlin Katine am Berghain

25th Hamburg Molotow

26th Amsterdam Paradiso

27th Paris Point FMR

European dates go on sale at 9am GMT / 10am CET on Thursday 9th February.



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