Q&A - Tangerines

Q&A - Tangerines

It has been a big year for London four-piece Tangerines. Two single releases, ‘You Look Like Something I Killed’ (mixed by MJ from Hookworms) and the recent-ish ‘Long Way Home’ have added to the band’s momentum.  With a summer of shows already complete, Tangerines plough on, head-first and balls-out with their September schedule which sees them gallivanting around the four corners of the land, spreading their kinky, helter-skelter sound.

The band's hectic September schedule includes a trip to Liverpool Psych Fest and we caught up with the band to discuss their upcoming performance.

Q. Greetings and salutations, Tangerines. As part of your first UK tour you will be a part of the Liverpool Psych-Fest 'Congregation' this September, what can we expect to see from you?

A. Shaking, breaking, moving and making. I don't know … We never even know ourselves. Something supernatural.

Q. During the 1960s Liverpool was a hotbed of music from all around the world and had an important place at the heart of the psychedelic rock movement. What bands are there from this era that have had a significant influence on you?

A. The 60's, mmmmm. Well, I'm not going to dilute the question with an endless list, but we'll keep it British and 60's, just for you.

Them, Petula Clark, Heinz, Rolling Stones, The Troggs, Georgie Fame, The Zombies, Johnny Kidd. That'll do.

Q. What is the story behind your band name and how did the band come together?

A. We fell off of a tree, mumbled a few words to each other and rolled on into a dark room.

Q. Have you had any death threats or unsavoury letters from the band, Tangerine?

A. Haha, no, not yet, we'd love to have some death threats from them. I think it's truly great that we both have films influenced by our names though. All in all, I think we're doing entirely different music, so I feel we'll always be a world apart. 

Q. You are currently working on your new album. Can you tell us a bit about the ambitions and inspirations behind this work?

A. Being in cramped, sweaty rehearsal rooms has been at the forefront of this band, it's the setting for where this band was born and where we still remain, so that's influenced a lot of the energy involved through the writing. Influences can come far and wide, from the smallest creak of a door to a pulsating microwave cooking up Isaac’s pot noodles, or whatever stench he sticks in that bloody thing. So, pot noodle, if you want to sponsor a drummer, fill him up. Cos we've got a lot of new material that needs sorting out!

Q. You stayed at the homestead of Chumbawamba this summer. Give us an insight into the lives of the rich and famous.

A. It wasn't our plan to stay there, we just got very lucky and our life goals suddenly became complete.  I don't think the guy was rich as such, but yeah, a nice little house. The only insight that springs to mind right now is from when taking a piss in the toilet in his bathroom, because of where the window is placed low down right next to the loo, when it’s  open, everyone in the outside world can see your todger. The most refreshing way start to the day.

Q. In your blatant alignment to the ‘sex sells’ principle, we noticed the artwork for your new single, ‘Long Way Home’ has the seductive image of Michael Gove centre stage. Knowing his musical talents (especially for ‘rap’), can we expect a collaboration anytime soon?  

A. Well, we've heard he now wants to come along to all of our shows and do some bellydancing. But I think we'll just stick him on the door, he's good at ripping people off.

Q. What other bands/musicians are you looking forward to seeing at Liverpool Psych Fest?

A. I haven't really had the chance to see the line-up properly but we won't be there on the Friday, we'll be playing in Sheffield so we'll miss those furry animals. I want to check out Ultimate Painting, really digging their sounds from what I've heard. The Moonlandingz, Ulrika Spacek and Taman Shud are good live, so maybe we'll try and capture something of those guys if we're not too occupied signing some hairy chests.

Q. Finally, do you know any Liverpool/Scouse phrases and can you put one into a sentence?

A. I've got a right cob on.

Tangerines play Liverpool Psych Fest on 24 September

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