David Crosby announces new album

David Crosby announces new album

‘Lighthouse’ is the new and upcoming album release by David Crosby.  With his previous work, ‘Croz’ only released in 2014, Crosby could (justifiably) claim to having become a prolific solo artist. In truth, this is only Crosby’s fifth solo offering in a period spanning over 40 years.  Not that he has been redundant in the intervening period.  A founding member of both, The Byrds and,  Crosby, Stills and Nash – not to mention his work with Neil Young – Crosby is a legend that has loomed large over contemporary music.  Twice inducted into the rock ‘n roll hall of fame, in ‘Lighthouse’ Crosby has created a stripped back acoustic work which layers upon itself with intricate vocal stacks and beautifully structured harmonies.  

For ‘Lighthouse’, Crosby collaborated with Michael League of Snarky Puppet – the benefit of which can be seen in the fact the album took only 16 days to record.  16 days which Crosby cites as some of the most creatively dynamic and stimulating times of his career.  In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Crosby cites his relationship with Michael League as being integral to the value of the work, “when we sat down at my house, we wrote three songs in three days. I think the only person in my life that has been that good at writing and co-working with [me] is my son James. I love writing with someone else because the other guy always thinks of something you didn't."

The first single off the album is, ‘Things We Do For Love” which Crosby wrote for his wife, Jan.  This is a delicate and touching tribute which carries all of the hallmarks of Crosby’s open and emotionally honest  lyricism and his tender and vulnerable vocal delivery.  This song also serves as the opening track on a 9-track album which he believes reflects the more intimate and positive outlook he feels in his 75th years.  There is also a vitality and energy imbued in this work which must act as an indicator of his good health and well-being as he is planning an Autumn tour.  After recent tours from Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, we are fortunate that the legends just keep on a’comin’.

Lighthouse is released 21 October and is available for pre-order now. Check out the complete track listing below, and listen to “Things We Do for Love”.

Track listing for Lighthouse:

“Things We Do for Love”

“The Us Below”

“Drive Out to the Desert”

“Look in Their Eyes”

“Somebody Other Than You”

“The City”

“Paint You a Picture”

“What Makes It So”

“By the Light of Common Day”

Watch Crosby's new single 'Things We Do For Love' below: 

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