Q&A - Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

Q&A - Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

Mexican duo Lorelle Meets the Obsolete (LMTO) will be familiar to many of you by now.  With their fourth album, ‘Balance’ about to be released and an appearance at Liverpool Psych Fest in their rear view mirror, this psychedelic twosome will take you on a spaced out musical journey towards synthetic and analogue fusion.  With a new  album about to be released in September and a forthcoming European tour, LMTO have plenty to be getting on with but, we caught up with them to discuss their upcoming performance at Liverpool Psych  Fest, their musical communitarianism and their dream of playing at a transcendental meditation fundraiser with, David Lynch.

Q. Greetings Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Indulge us (please) in answering a question you must have heard more times than morning birdsong: can you tell us how you both met, how the band came together and what your ambitions were when you started out?

A. Alberto: We met through a mutual friend in college and started playing together some years after. Lorelle came together as a “side project” to another band we had back in the day. This has always been a duo and our strongest ambition has always been doing things our way.

Q. As part of your 2016 tour you will be playing at the Liverpool Psych Fest this September, what can we expect to see from you?

A. Alberto: It’s going to be our second show after almost two years of not playing live so I’d say it will be as powerful as an angry tiger in captivity being released into the wild.

 Q. What are your favourite memories of Liverpool the last time you played this festival?

A. Lorena: I remember that after that weekend I said, “this is my favourite festival”. I don’t remember exactly why I said that. Everything just felt communal and music was incredible, a lot of friends around. It’s a beautiful festival. I specially loved the White Manna set.

Q. ‘Psychedelia’ and ‘psychedelic’ music has morphed and evolved into something more layered than (perhaps) the more recognised form of 1960s psychedelic rock. Please discuss in relation to your own musical identity and what has influenced the music you make.

A. Lorena: More than being influenced by one specific genre we are influenced by ideas. We love repetition; it just feels good in our bodies and minds. We love melodies and we love noise. These characteristics can be found in any kind of music or in any type of art in general and in everyday life.

Q. Liverpool Psych Fest has attracted musicians from the world – indeed, you guys are from Mexico. What do you think is behind the international appeal of psychedelic music?

A. Alberto: I would like to think that maybe people who are attracted to it don’t have preconceptions and have open ears in order to embrace the fact that the world is a huge place and that good music can be found anywhere.

Q. You have spoken before about creating a network between musicians from Mexico, the US and Europe to help each other tour. How is the masterplan for this going and can you give us an example of how it worked well? 

A. Alberto: Well for small bands like us the costs are high and its money that probably won’t return after the first tours. On top of renting backline, a van, and paying flights, getting a work visa for touring musicians in the US is expensive, the process is long and it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get one anyway.  On the other hand, Europe and the UK are much more friendly on the work visa subject. The same for small bands coming to Mexico.  In our case, we’ve met the nicest people and we’ve made really good friends on the road that have made our tours in the US and Europe much easier.

Lorena: On our end, we’ve helped some foreign bands to tour in Mexico and Mexican bands to tour abroad as well. We’re always happy to help anyway we can.

Q. Your new album, ‘Balance’ is out in September. What were your inspirations behind this work and what would you say were the differences to your earlier work?

A. Lorena: We took some inspiration from touring and from some bands we met on the road. Before and after Chambers came out we toured a lot and got physically and mentally worn out so we tried to recover our balance in a way. You can say there’s a lot of eastern philosophy in there.

Alberto: We also took our time to record this album while the first three albums were written and recorded one after the other. It’s a more rational album I think.

Q. You have cited the work of, David Lynch as an influence. Have you thought of asking him to collaborate with you?

A. Alberto: Nope but now that you mention it, it would be nice to play at a transcendental meditation fundraiser.

Q. What other bands/musicians are you looking forward to seeing at Liverpool Psych-Fest?

A. Alberto: Father Murphy, Yeti Lane, Spectres, New Candys, Has a Shadow, Flavor Crystals, Dungen, Super Furry Animals, The Early Years, Kikagaku Moyo, Ultimate Painting, Eartheater… We’ll barely have time to grab a beer!

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