Lina Tullgren: Interview

Lina Tullgren: Interview

Lina Tullgren is from Southern Maine just over the border of the northernmost seacoast of New Hampshire. It’s an unexpected location for artistic incubation, but if you grow up anywhere surrounded by family and friends and weirdos interacting at all times with their own interpretations of creative output, osmosis is bound to occur.

Shifting in trainings and traditions, the 23 year old eventually found herself a voice with the electric guitar, uniquely flavoured and shaped from the many years of fiddle lessons and classical technique. The shifts in genre and in instrumentation are stark, but important. Lina’s morphing interaction with music has mirrored a growing determination to harness her ability to melodically and lyrically express complex emotions.

Lina is an artist who has broken the barriers of her inner thoughts by turning them into an external monologue, projecting her battle with finding where home is on her recent debut, 'Won'. This opening could lead to a feeling of vulnerability but instead it provides an honest and insightful journey that tackles questions of a universally nostalgic importance. 

Lina spoke to us about her musical upbringing, wrestling with Mac Demarco and her plans to eat Gnocchi when she next visits Europe. 

Q. Hi Lina, can you tell us where you are and what you have been up to today?

I'm in Montreal right now, I walked around in the rain . 

 Q. Congratulations on your debut album, ‘Won’. What was the writing process for the album and was the recording spread around different locations? 

Everything was recorded in Tys' studio in a barn in Barrington NH . I wrote all the songs in various apartments around Boston Massachusetts . 

Q. The transition from recording solo to being in a full band must have been a pretty different experience. When did you make the decision to do this?

It was always my intention to play with a full band from the beginning of this project . 

Q. Moving on from your album, I’ve read that you had quite a musical childhood. What were your main musical influences growing up and when did you decide that music was the path you wanted to take?

I listened to Bossa nova, Bjork and Baroque music at Mom's house. Then I listened to a lot of Television and jazz at Dads' house . I don't remember ever wanting to be an astronaut or a doctor and I knew I wanted to play music from when i started at age 7. 10/10 would not recommend to other toddlers! 

Q. Was Southern Maine a hotspot for creative musicians or did you have to look elsewhere to find similar artists?

MMOSS and the migs are incredible and now defunct bands. Have you seen the eagles documentary?

Q. How has your first year been since being signed to Captured Tracks? It must be a great feeling being alongside such a dynamic range of creative musicians.

It's been good, once I wrestled Mac Demarco to the ground just to steal the burger he was eating.  

Q. Can you tell us which artists you are enjoying at the moment?

My drummer and guitarist won't stop listening to Toby Keith in the van. Do you know what pain feels like? It feels like that. I love Anton Webern. 

Q. Being a new artist in the music industry must be quite hectic, what other things do you get up to when you get free time?

I spend time shredding doors, hanging out with my friend with the giant eyeball and staying away from that pesky skeevy snake character. 

Q. What exciting things have you got coming up, will Europe be visited anytime soon? 

Europe in January, are you excited? Excitement is relative and always fleeting. I can't wait to eat some gnocchi!

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