Ezra Furman announces new album 'Transangelic Exodus'

Ezra Furman announces new album 'Transangelic Exodus'

Ezra Furman has announced the release of new album, 'Transangelic Exodus.'

News of Furman's forthcoming album has been released alongside a dramatic single called 'Love You So Bad' and a list of UK live dates in February 2018.

'Transangelic Exodus' represents a new direction for Furman's music, showing their personal journey with coming out as queer and gender fluid. Their Jewish faith is also explored in some detail, adding to the openness of the record which adds self acceptance rather than vulnerability. 

Described as "not a concept record, but almost a novel, or a cluster of stories on a theme, a combination of fiction and a half-true memoir," its creator has declared it a "queer outlaw saga."

Furman said: “The narrative thread, is I’m in love with an angel, and a government is after us, and we have to leave home because angels are illegal, as is harbouring angels. The term ‘transangelic’ refers to the fact people become angels because they grow wings. The have an operation, and they’re transformed. And it causes panic because some people think it’s contagious, or it should just be outlawed.” 

Furman approached 'Transangelic Exodus' with the intention of creating a more original sound, leaving the often used 'retro' label behind. Taking time off from touring to focus on perfecting each track, the final album features edited and rearranged snippets of early song demos. 

Despite the clear thematic narratives throughout the album, Furman believes that the emotions encapsulated within the songs remain clear no matter the context. 

“The album still works without the back story, though. What’s essential is the mood - paranoid, authoritarian, the way certain people are stigmatised," Furman added. "It’s a theme in American life right now, and other so-called democracies."

“2016 was a hard year. While the political and cultural conversation devolved in a very threatening way, we travelled and toured a lot. We saw ourselves coming to the end of what we were, and we wanted to become something new.”

'Transangelic Exodus' is released on 9th February via Bella Union.

Tour Dates - 

Saturday 3rd February – LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club 

Sunday 4th February – LIVERPOOL – Arts Club 

Saturday 10th February – FOLKESTONE – Quarterhouse 

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