Kyle Falconer - Interview

Kyle Falconer - Interview

Nothing will make you feel old like hearing it's been a full decade since The View's catchy debut album 'Hats Off To The Buskers' was released. Five albums later and the Dundee band are winding things down as front man Kyle Falconer embarks on a solo career. 

Falconer has left behind his highland hedonist image in recent years. Now a father, the talented writer is set to release his first solo album. We chatted to him, fresh from touring with Liam Gallagher about his influences, memories of The View and his style choices. 

Hello Kyle, what are you working on at the moment? 

I'm mixing my solo album, recorded at Paul Weller's studio. Final shows coming up with The View at the end of the month, then straight into Liam Gallagher arena tour with my solo project. Then taking a wee break with the family in Thailand before it all kicks off next year! 

When going solo, do you have to make a conscious decision to depart sonically from your previous output, or is it more of a natural progression? What have you taken from The View? And what have you left behind?

Being the writer and having played all of the instruments on this album means I've been able to keep my sound and no one else can influence it, which is something I've been wanting to get out of me for a long time. I do love being in a band but there's always that thing in the back of my head "what if we did it this way". The View always had a punk element which I thought was too erratic for some of my songs. I feel it's the perfect time in my life just now.

How has the Liam Gallagher tour been? Have you had any funny Liam experiences?

We have only done two shows up until now, Belfast and Newcastle. I was quite surprised by the size of the crowds as a support because it's the first time we have played any of my solo stuff to this scale as a full band... I suppose everyone just wanted to be at the front for Liam! Ha. As always great company and 70 pints a round of Guinness, that's not normal! 

What are the main influences for your solo project?

Fleetwood Mac, The La's and The Beatles are some of my major influences on this album but Crowded House as well has always been one since I was young, before The View a lot of the songs I was writing were of a similar style. A lot of melancholy strings and dark deeper meanings. I feel I've gone full circle. 

What are your fondest memories of your time in The View?

Too many to list but just when we first started we were a cover band and then we realised we could write our own songs and started to get our fan base in Dundee, felt like a proper unity, like a brotherhood ha. But headlining the likes of Glastonbury, T in the Park and touring the world with your best friends, doesn't get much better than that!

How is touring solo different from The View?

So far, I've not really done a full tour as a solo artist, I've done a few spot shows here and there. It is weird not having your boys to look left or right or behind and share the weight with you. It's pretty nerve wracking going on yourself - even though I have the band on stage - it's still a different vibe.

Onto style and what are your go-to clothes? 

Black crombie jacket, white t shirt, black jeans and my black suede shoes. I'm not a fan of blue. 

Has your style changed over the years? If so, how so?

I used to try and dress like 'the scruffier the better' messier hair and praying for a beard. Now it's clean shaven and trying to tame my mop. I actually give a shit now.

Do you have stage clothes? 

Double denim was my go to stage clothes for a while, unstoppable in them. 

Who do you think has good style?

The Beatles. 

What era do you think was the strongest for style?

I used to think the Mods in the 60s but as I grow older I think I'm more of a 70s style man, wish I was alive then!

This piece has been brought to you in partnership with Danish menswear label SUIT. 

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