A homage to Halifax

A homage to Halifax

Armed with a disposable camera, The Orielles captured a weathered Halifax earlier this month. The result is a charming look at the town famous for Rolos, Quality Street and a primitive form of the guillotine. This is possibly how the area might look to a rain drenched Martin Parr, Tom Wood and Bruce Gilden if high on Haribo and feeling adventurous.

Read on below as the trio talk us through their home voyage.  


Henry outside Guitar Zone.

Really good bric a brac 'charity shop'. It mainly specialises in random ornaments 'n stuff but is still cool.

This was voted the third worst nightclub in the U.K. But people from Halifax seem to love it. If you ever meet anyone from Halifax, the first thing they'll ask is; "you been Acca lad?!"

Esme and Henry looking into the rainy high street of Halifax. This is known as the Woolshops so you got all the classics; Topshop, River Island and about five vape shops.

Esme and Henry joked to Sid that we now had a "Times Square massive screen" in the town centre and when she came home to visit, this was it . . .

On a good day, this shot would look quite nice.

Victoria Theatre! Very nice building and has hosted a few good bands there in the past, including 10cc!

The popo's outside what used to be Liquid but now it's another club called something else that I can't remember haha.

Our only record shop! Got a nice mix of new 'n old vinyl - namely the new Temples record in the window!

This is where Sid and Ez go to get their eyebrows threaded lmao.

Hands down best charity shop in Yorkshire.

This is a shot of the Piece Hall. It's been closed for about two years now for refurbishment but when it was open it was real nice. Proper emo hang out spot y'know.

We played our first ever gig here! Shout out to Michael at the Doghouse for putting us on when we were very young and played Teenage Kicks.

Finally a shot of Sid on the tubs in our practice room! It's absolutely freezing but we love it.

The Orielles are in residence until Friday, doodling Donald Trump, interviewing label mates The Parrots and much more. Look out for our limited edition T-shirt and print designed by the band.

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