Interview: The Parrots

Interview: The Parrots

Blending yé-yé style 60s pop with garage rock debauchery, Madrid trio The Parrots sing broken ballads in broken English. Recalling The Black Lips and The Strokes, the band's elementary English adds a charm reminiscent of a buoyant Jonathan Richman singing in Spanish.

Following yesterday's photo homage to Halifax, The Orielles continue their week long takeover with this zany interview with their label mates. The Parrots have been photographed extensively across Europe by Neelam Khan Vela, whose Gonzo style tour photos punctuate the piece.

Indian or Spanish food? 

Spanish, but that was a tough one.

Gin or beer? 

After lots of shows with warm beer we’ll stick with gin, but white wine is the sexiest


Would you rather fall off stage or throw up on stage? 

Falling off stage is really fun unless you break something which has happened to us twice (thanks London and Glasgow hahaha).

Would you rather never smoke weed again or never drink alcohol again? 

This interview is tough, does hash count? Is gin alcohol? 

Would you rather get stung by a bee on stage or someone steals your shoe while you are crowdsurfing? 

Stung by a bee, we love bees.

Listen only to Nickelback or Justin Timberlake for the rest of your life? 

Definitely Justin, ‘Cry Me a River' is a guilty pleasure, plus he can beatbox.

Would you rather; every time you hear someone sneeze you fall into a coma for the whole day BUT whilst in the coma you have a really nice trip and there is chill music playing OR every time you smell or see pizza you wee yourself but then the wee eventually turns into an edible pizza that is really tasty? 

Do all these questions come from Sid?? We used to play this in the van while on tour. We would rather wee ourselves, life’s short and don’t want to waste too much time in a coma, even if it’s trippy and fun.

Diego, are there any plans to cross-dress at a future gig?

I don’t know why we haven’t done this yet, everybody has the right to feel sexy sometimes. We haven’t tried heels, but if you get us some nice ones: definitely.

Dream band you would love to record at Gamma Studio?  


What is the funniest/weirdest thing that has ever happened to you at a gig? 

One time we were playing and all of a sudden in our final song, one guy got on stage and started trashing everything and shouting stuff like 'this is the best show I’ve ever been to’. When we saw who was saying that it was Yung Beef, one of the biggest rap stars in Spain, so unexpected and awesome at the same time.

The Orielles are in residence until Friday, doodling Donald Trump, interviewing label mates The Parrots and much more. Look out for our very limited edition screenprinted T-shirt and print designed by the band, coming soon . . .

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