Interview: B Boys

Interview: B Boys

New York based post punk trio B Boys throw chanting vocals and messy rhythms to form attention grabbing anthems. Fusing reverberations of surf with the gritty uncertainty of garage rock, the band's vibrant guitar melodies and deep swirling grooves transcend a linear timeline. 

We caught up with the new Captured Tracks signings to discuss their upcoming album 'Dada', the inspiration found in New York City and working with Gabe Wax.

Q: You describe yourselves as “Three psychos that came to be through fate by way of necessity.” Was it necessary that you got together because of a connection found through a love of similar music? 

A: We’re three individuals that play music as one. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. 

Q: Could you tell us about naming your album after the Dada art movement? 

A: The title actually comes from a close friend’s dream, but we definitely built off of the connection. 

Q: Listening to a track like 'Energy', it does what it says on the tin. Do you have a mission statement to create a wild energy for people to feed off at shows. Or are you interested in expressing your lives?

A: We’re just trying to project what we hear internally and speak from a voice of personal experience. It can become a meditation of sorts, just channelling something outward. When people identify with that and have an expressive response, it only makes us want to do it more. 

Q: Was the sound on ‘Dada’ always intended or has there been a progression since your first single, ‘Other Head’, which is reminiscent of more staple post punk acts such as Wire and Talking Heads? 

A: There’s rarely an intention - we follow the vibration and try to make it our own. The more we play together, the more fluid the process becomes, allowing us to further explore our sound. 

Q: Obviously, New York is known for its rich music history, what bands from NYC have influenced ‘Dada’? Is it important to signify to the listener where you come from in the music or is it all about where you’re going? 

A: The spectrum of influence is pretty wide, as far as various global spaces and genre definitions. NYC & Brooklyn are certainly a part of that. We’re grateful to exist in a community making pretty inspiring art and music, and feel lucky to have such talented friends helping to sustain that momentum. 

Q: Do you share song writing responsibilities? 

A: We all made equal contributions to writing the music and each had a turn adding layers or trying out various instruments. The singer wrote the words. Gabe recorded everything and Josh Bonati did the master. 

Q: How did the recording process of ‘Dada’ come about with Gabe Wax and what was it like to work with someone who has previously been involved with artists such as The War on Drugs, Spacehog and Deerhunter? 

A: He wrote to us before we met him and was interested in what we were doing. Once he showed us the space he works out of, we knew it was the one. He’s extremely talented and easy to work with. Bless to Gabe. 

Q: Is it important for the album to stick with people and become a classic, or do you view it as a stepping stone in your artistic development? 

A: Documenting your artistic practice is a way of preserving yourself beyond your body. If someone or something in the future wants to spend a portion of their time with something that we created, then we smile in the afterlife. 

Q: Where are you looking forward to playing the most when you start your tour in May with Merchandise and Soft Option? Do you know the bands you’re touring with well? 

A: We know both of them personally and appreciate very much their different interpretations on the rock-n-roll theme. Excited to get out there with the windows down and feel the breeze on our face.

B Boys release 'Dada' on 19 May via Captured Tracks

1 - B Boys Anthem
2 - Another Thing
3 - Discipline
4 - Psycho (Still)
5 - Flatlands
6 - Distance
7 - I
8 - Energy
9 - 1 2 Reminder
10 - Fade
11 - Fear It
12 - Time
13 - Walking

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