Interview: The Orielles

Interview: The Orielles

Yesterday's takeover content offering from Halifax trio The Orilles saw them share a carefully selected playlist, inspired by their love of dinner parties.

Continuing their week-long takeover of Coney’s Loft, the band chats to us about their writing process, a wild night in Canada, and new tour transportation. 

Q: First of all why choose the theme and how formal is the party in question? Is food important to you guys?

A: We chose the dinner party theme because it's something we're really into lately. We're all pretty good at cooking and like hanging out with friends and cooking for them whilst listening to some cool records. Oh very informal! Elbows on tables are definitely okay here! 

Good food is important to us yeah, we like to try and eat relatively well on tour and avoid fast food where possible. The last time we played in Nottingham we spent about an hour walking up and down this one street looking for a vegan cafe we had heard about, we had google maps out and everything, but it kept leading us to a British Heart Foundation. Anyway we found it eventually, it was down an alley that was playing reggae and there were hippies outside doing yoga or meditation or something, it was so 'vegan'. 

Q: How has everything changed since signing to Heavenly? What can we expect from an album (if one’s on the way) and how's the sound developed since you started? 

A: Things haven't massively changed really. We've been dedicating much more of our time to the band which is a great thing and getting a lot more interesting opportunities thanks to Heavenly. Obviously we notice the enthusiasm that Heavenly have for all of the artists on the label and so we're just super thrilled to be working with them! There's potentially an album not too far in the distance, we've been writing songs persistently for quite a while now and it's an ongoing thing.

We've sort of detached ourselves from the 'surf pop' label a little bit even though there's certainly still some elements of it in the tracks, but we've been finding influence in a much larger variety of genres. We all listen to loads of funk, jazz, latin type music and that is definitely creeping into a few of the tracks and equally we've been experimenting with some more mellow tracks too. We'd like to think that they're all essentially good pop songs though because when writing we sort of stick to what feels natural and try not to get overly tricky with it.  

Q: What do you guys do in your spare time and which new artists are you listening to? 

A: In our spare time we are all students. Aside from this we like to watch weird films, visit galleries, hang out with friends. All the usual pastimes really.

Our Liverpool compadres Trudy & The Romance and also Her's are both doing wicked things at the moment and we've been listening to those loads. Weyes Blood, Flower Girl and The Blank Tapes are all rad too. Oh and the new Chicano Batman album is a killer and that's also been on repeat. 

Q: You span a number of different regions across the north. Do you think this has affected your sound?

A: It probably has yeah! The current scenes we identify with the most would be Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester - all of which differ greatly from one another but music genres have become so hybridised today that it's not massively noticeable. But yeah you definitely get a different vibe from shows in each city which is cool and refreshing. 

Q: You are touring extensively - are you still using the tour car? 

A: Fortunately for Sid who has driven us on mini-tours in the past, no we're not! We still use the car on one off gigs or festivals, but whilst on tour we gotta catch those Z's! Plus we always over pack so need a van for all of our clothes haha. 

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Q: How do you guys write and what affects your lyrical content? 

A: Most of the time we all write together at practice, beginning with a riff that one of us has come up with at home or just in that moment haha, and then sometimes the song develops really quickly and can be finished by the end of the day (depending on how much sleep we've had). Sometimes though we jam the idea out for ages until we decide what works and which ideas could form a potential song. In terms of lyrics we generally choose a concept, film, book or picture to create a mini narrative or discussion which we embed into the lyrics in a (sometimes) lyrically coherent way haha. In some instances it turns out to be super abstract unconscious thought but who gives a fuck right, we've always tried to avoid conventional subject matter in songs or at least tried to approach it from a new perspective.  

Q: Writing music (of this kind at least) is not something you've always done? What was it that spurned the band on? 

A: No it's not something that we have always done and at the same time it's not something that we ever envisioned would take us as far as it has! We always hoped it would but never actually believed it y'know? The band was created mainly through boredom and wanting to express ourselves through a creative platform.

When we first started we were listening to a lot of the Pixies, we loved everything about them and wanted to create something similar but this meant that we were viewed as outsiders in Halifax, because we didn't do covers and we didn't sound like a typical 'indie lad band' and that was what everyone enjoyed listening to. However, it was this that really pushed us to make connections in Manchester and Leeds, and it made us want to prove people wrong. Fuck the haters and all that haha!

Q: You guys both play and watch a lot of gigs. What's been your favourite to play and what's been your favourite to watch?

A: Tough question! I think we all have fond memories of our shows in Canada but particularly this one night at the Silver Dollar. Our set was at 2am and we'd literally got off the plane that afternoon, moved into our apartment, picked up our instruments and then played a show earlier that evening and so as you can imagine by 2am we were jet lagged and pretty much already hungover from drinking since like 5pm haha.

But it was just genuinely one of the funnest shows ever and without a doubt the best sound that we've ever had. There wasn't even loads of people at the show but everyone was dancing so it was tight. There's too many to mention though, all of our shows on tour with The Parrots in September were the best as well! One of our favourites we attended has to be Khruangbin at The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge, our favourite venue and one of our collectively favourite bands. Also Metronomy at Festival No.6 was enlightening and extra nice because we listened to them a lot when we first started the band.    

Q:  What's the plan for the year ahead?

A: The main plan is to release a lot of new music! We have so many songs that we have had written for ages and we can't wait to get them out there. We'll be playing a lot of shows too and hopefully that'll include playing more of Europe towards the end of the year. 

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