The Facebook page celebrating Britain's obscure 90s footballers

The Facebook page celebrating Britain's obscure 90s footballers

Where would we be without images of obscure 90s footballers and Peep Show quotes to nullify the waterfall of mundanity that is our Facebook timeline? Messaging a friend on the platform recently, he eventually replied, "Sorry, I don't really go on here anymore, it's just your ma and UKIP left now isn't it?" Add a couple of amateur politicians and school acquaintances and he's probably right.

So let's rejoice the triviality of Facebook.

Jack Lovatt, owner of the 'Obscure 90s Footballers' Facebook page talks us through the players you saw on stickers as opposed to the pitch.

Peter Fear

Crazy Gang member and Match magazine favourite Peter Fear played a pivotal role in the 90s football fan’s childhood by appearing in every sticker pack you ever bought. I had seven Peter Fear's at one stage. 

Espen Baardsen

A staple in any obscure footballers based pub conversation. Everyone loves an obscure goalkeeper. I read somewhere he’s got a cracking career in finance going now!

Sean Dundee

Sean Dundee was one of our first posts (useful trivia/first date conversation starter – the first ever Obscure Footballer post was Alan Kimble). With me being a Liverpool fan, Sean Dundee is a personal favourite, due to just how bad his stint at Anfield was.

Jamie McClen

Who? How dare you! In all honesty, I'm not sure if the Newcastle fans will even remember Jamie McClen? Once seen as a bright prospect, he disappeared without trace after securing a long term deal from manager Ruud Gullit. Perhaps 14 league games in 8 years tells its own story? 

Milton Nunez

An obscure favourite solely due to the conspiracy theory that Peter Reid signed him by accident for Sunderland when trying to buy his strike partner at PAOK, Adolfo Valencia. Nunez cost £1.6 million and made just one appearence for the Black Cats. 

John De Wolf

The Wolf at Wolves, you couldn't write it really. This guy has become a highlight thanks to the comments on his entry on the Facebook page – there are some incredible anecdotes on there. 





















































































































































































































































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