Interview: Wedding

Interview: Wedding

Wedding are a mysterious bunch. Signed to Manchester/Stockholm based label Maternal Voice, their history reads like a piece of 1970’s contraband literature. 

New single 'Rocket Ship' has a haunting Christopher Owens vocal and social issues are expressed in a melancholic manner, behind a smokescreen of Marr-esque pop hooks. We caught up with lead singer and songwriter, Thomas Craig, to find out their next steps and what would happen if there was life on Mars.

Q: Please describe your sound in three words.

A: A skin dream

Q: How has Manchester influenced your sound? 

A: It has allowed us to write and write, totally comfy. All the different bands here like Irma Vep, Horsebeach, and Duds have made me wanna do my city proud.

Q: You wear influences such as Spacemen 3 proudly. How important are your influences? Do you think every band needs to discuss their inspirations before adopting their own sound? 

A: I'm not sure that we wear our influences more than any other band but yeh love Spacemen, love Leonard Cohen. We discuss a little what direction we wanna take a song before we work it.

Q: Do you see yourself ever returning to Germany? How does the scene differ there? 

A: Yeah going back to Berlin in June for a while, gonna keep writing some stuff there. The scene I'm not too sure about, there's a lot of Sean Nicholas Savage kinda stuff which is cool, including the big guy himself. I would maybe say being weird and taking weird approaches is a lot more prevalent there than in England. Less bands just doing The Fall/Fat Whites impression.

Q: Your record collection is on fire, you can only save one. Which do you salvage? 

A: Girls - 'Father, Son, Holy Ghost'

Q: Are there any modern bands you listen to/would like to collaborate with in future? 

A: Proper Ornaments, Ulrika Spacek, all the Manchester lot. Would like to record with Euan from Younghusband sometime, he has a studio in Greenwich.

Q: What's on the horizon for Wedding? 

A: We have some one-offs in Manchester, Peckham and Salford. Writing over summer at home and in Berlin. Then a tour with Irma Vep in August. We recently borrowed a young chap called Charlie from Manchester legends MONEY, so now writing songs as a 5-person family again. 

Q: Earth has finally been blown to shit by President Trump. We have fled to Mars with only your music as a form of communication with our new alien counterparts. How would the locals react to hearing you for the first time? 

A: They'd like our Facebook posts consistently, come down to our support slot on the Moon but totally ignore the merch table leaving us hungry and dejected but ready to fight for their clicks, likes and engagements another day.

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