Interview: The Sherlocks

Interview: The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks are one of the latest bands to appear from the Republic of Yorkshire and they are planning to lead a rebirth of British guitar music.

Their debut album Live for the Moment is to be released this summer and they hope it will be the first step on the road to becoming the biggest band in the world. We caught up with them to about their origins, supporting their heroes and their star-gazing ambitions. 

Q: From the release of your first singles, you enjoyed quite a lot of exposure including Radio 1 plays and appearances at Reading and Leeds, SXSW. Was this all a shock to you or was it expected from the work you’d put in?

We’ve been around 7 years now, so it didn’t seem like we were exploding onto the scene. we seemed to be doing a lot better than other bands in our genre or whatever because it’s quite hard to break through as a rock n roll indie band at the moment.  

Q: There are a lot of iconic musicians from Sheffield and there is an assumption that the city is the mecca for guitar music. What was your experience?

We didn’t really go into Sheffield that often, we started doing little gigs and stuff but when we were first kicking off we were doing jam nights and stuff like that. It were alright, there were a few decent bands knocking about that, but, I don’t know it were more dance music and stuff.

 Q: You’ve got quite a big, stadium sound. What were the main influences on the band?

People like Stereophonics and James - we’re supporting them this weekend actually at Benicàssim. I don’t know if there is really on defining set of influences as we listen to a lot of different music. As individuals, there is lots of crossover to the stuff we like but we listen to a wide variety of stuff and we're pretty much involved in our own thing.

In fact, let’s just have a look at my Spotify playlist, quite hard off the top of my head. Been listening to the Foo Fighters recently, enjoyed watching them at Glastonbury at the pyramid. I like listening to up and coming bands mostly. Really into Sundara Karma as well, Kings of Leon are a big influence, supported them not long back, they’re all about tunes, every album is class. And I like Shaggy’s new song too.

Q: You’ve got a pretty hectic summer coming up with Benicassim and Leeds and Reading. What has been your favourite event of the summer so far?

Supporting Kings of Leon, probably the best gig so far for me. Glastonbury was good, just to go and do it and see the size of the place. We played the BBC introducing stage, we headlined that. We got a good reaction as it was being broadcasted out, it was a great reaction with everyone watching it back home and stuff. We’ve re-released Live for the Moment that was played on Huw Stephens’ show last night which should be getting released properly over the next few days.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about the recording process for the new album?

Yeah, we recorded down at Rockfield studio in Wales, quite an iconic studio. There’s 12 tracks on the album, some songs are new songs to people who know us, and the rest are singles where every track is a banger. There’s no album fillers on this one. Gavin Monaghan produced it too.

Q: I read an interview you did with the NME that said you wanted to become the ‘pioneers of guitar music’. That’s quite a big statement, will the album live up to this?

I think it will take us to the next level when the tunes are out because I don’t think there’s been a band who’s put an album like this out for a very long time - a new band anyway. There is a lot of good music about but most bands have got one or two tunes, whereas this one, every tune is a banger. Every tune we’ve put out so far are on the album so you can tell which way the album is going. Some bands will put a single out, then put another out, then they’ll go back to the first single which shows they’ve got no depth. We want to be the biggest band in the world if we can.

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