Shopping shares new single and video, Wild Child

Shopping shares new single and video, Wild Child

Post-punk trio Shopping have shared another single from their upcoming album, The Official Body, due 19 January 2018 on FatCat Records; recorded and produced by Edwyn Collins. 

Wild Child sees the band acknowledging the cracks in the facade of one’s idols. “I was specifically thinking about the way some drag queens do this really well,” explains guitarist and vocalist Rachel Aggs

“It's about projecting the persona of someone who is always free, always partying and you can't imagine them ever worrying about their work rota or buying cereal. It's important to see through it, to know it's fake but at the same time, it's so intriguing and seductive. I think this anarchic, flamboyant spirit is really important to queer culture.”

Of the accompanying video, the band say, "We worked with our pal Jack Barraclough to create this showbiz fantasy! The video is set on the hot new talent show, called Wild Child, where the distinguished panel of judges Iona Ferrari, DJ Raggs and Ruby Waters are searching for the next big thing!" 

"Through a succession of mediocre and bizarre auditions we almost lose hope! But finally our patience is rewarded when the judges come across a raw and unflinching talent - the talent to be a cute dog named Shrew. Ya either got it or ya don't."

"We called on a lot of friends to help make this video a reality and so many people gave up their time to do monotonous or bizarre tasks that we couldn't even fit them all in! This video is for you! You're all superstars, even if you're on the cutting room floor."

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Following the release of their second album Why Choose, Shopping found themselves in an unrelenting cycle of touring, making their way across the world.
Power Lunches, a hub for London's DIY scene and the band’s usual rehearsal and writing space, closed down. Then their drummer, Andrew Milk, relocated to Glasgow, and the band could no longer spontaneously get together to practice or write.

“As a band that only ever writes collaboratively, it’s essential for us to actually be together in the room before any songs start to formulate. It can be a little daunting when we all turn up, and we only have an afternoon to pull a song out of thin air” the band commenting on pressures.

While it may have been tempting to adopt a more serious tone, considering the political aspects of the album, Shopping remained humorous in their approach. The album’s title, established before any of the songs were written, is a play on the idea of official bodies of power and control. “The mystical powers that be” as bassist Billy Easter deems them, as well as the construct of a physical body that fits within the societal paradigm of what is acceptable.

The trio added synth and drum pads to their customary guitar-drums-bass set-up. Recorded over 10 days by Edwyn Collins at his Clashnarrow studio, The Official Body stays true to the minimal dance-punk ethos of Shopping’s previous releases.

Shopping have also announced a February tour of the UK, including a date at London's Moth Club on 6 February. Full dates are as follows:

Thursday 1 February - Glasgow, Mono
Friday 2 February - Newcastle, Cluny 2
Saturday 3 February - Manchester, The Eagle Salford
Sunday 4 February - Nottingham, The Maze
Monday 5 February - Oxford, The Cellar
Tuesday 6 February - London, Moth Club
Wednesday 7 February - Bristol, Exchange w/ Colleen Green

Press Photo Credit: CJ Monk

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