Track Premier: Private World - House Aflame

Track Premier: Private World - House Aflame

Private World share their new track House Aflame, exclusively with Coney's Loft.

Private World are unsigned and have been together for around six months. Gigging between Cardiff and Bristol with bands such as Boy Azooga and Abattoir Blues in 2017, they are currently booking shows further into 2018 across the UK.

We interviewed Private World on their new track, plans for the future and where it all started:

Tell us about the writing process for House Aflame.

"Tom, our guitarist, developed the main hook of the song a while ago. Seeing promise in the initial sketch, the band decided to revisit the idea, using it as a foundation to build upon. The main synth and drum pattern of the song were influenced by latter-day Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry, and writing continued with this vague inspiration in mind. The intention was to create a sort of dark dreamy night-time pop song, adopting the essence of artists such as Ferry and even The Replacements in the more guitar driven parts. "

What the recording process for this track?

"The drums and bass were recorded to tape at a local studio, with the rest of the tracking and production taking place at home. We've always loved the idea of analogue recording, and how the natural character of the song is captured through those methods. We were happy to be able to track drums and bass that way, whilst being able to layer up the rest of the song with no time constraints."

How did you all meet?

"Tom and Harry first met 10 years ago in 2008, and used to play in a band called Pipedream together. Tom shared a house for three years with Luke and got to know each other pretty well. Cam was coming over a lot because he and Luke were working on some songs, and Harry and Tom we're always writing and recording songs. When Pipedream came to an end, we all decided to start Private World. We were all good friends, and we shared similar philosophies and tastes around music. Plus we're all from Cardiff"

How would you describe your sound?

"New age pop, combining spiritual, futuristic new age sounds with pop song melodies that pull at the heartstrings."

What are your future plans for releases?

"We plan on consistently releasing singles over the coming months, whilst also preparing to record an album's worth of material about 10 songs at some point in 2018. Tom spent a good majority of 2016/2017 writing the initial ideas for the songs, with the rest of the band developing the song ideas further through many adjustments and refinements."

Here are some of Private World's upcoming live dates:
4 February - Ryan's Bar, London w/ Perfect Body
14 February -  The Moon, Cardiff w/ Drab Majesty
20 February - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff w/ The Orielles
26 April - GwdiHw, Cardiff w/ Hers

With solid ideas for 2018, Private World are ones to keep an eye on this year.

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