Preview - In One Room

Preview - In One Room

‘In One Room’ invites 10 contemporary printmakers from around the UK to showcase fresh ideas in the heart of Manchester.

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With 20 brand new works on display this exhibition aims to highlight new explorations in risograph and silkscreen printing with a carefully selected gang of image-makers leading the way in these disciplines.

This event brings together a virtual community of tastemakers and modern thinkers to discuss new ideas, build networks, plan projects and bask in the beautiful.

The exhibitors this year have been carefully curated by designer + maker Nick Booton ( b r u ï) with artists based in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull and

Norwich. Nick aims to compose a selection of early career artists and designers who explore new avenues in print, each offering a unique perspective on the applications that printed medium can have within their practice.

With influences extending to the worlds of music, fashion, interior design, photography and architecture, amongst others, these bespoke editions reveal common themes and abstract insights into our ever-evolving modern lives.

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