Seatbelts' playlist: songs that inspired us

Seatbelts' playlist: songs that inspired us

Seatbelts is the new project from Hooton Tennis Club's James Madden and Ryan Murphy. They're releasing a debut EP, 'Songs For Vonnegut' through Rooftop Records and will be available 1st June. 

This is a playlist curated by both James and Ryan and uncovers the songs that have inspired the direction of the new EP.

Tim Presley – Kerouac

Ode to Tim Presley's favourite writer? Maybe. Great song about how he prioritises Jack Kerouac at the top of his bookshelf. 'The Dharma Bums' by Kerouac is a definite top shelf spot on mine, Tim.

Spiritualized - Don't Just Do Something

The transcendent half-time part of this song was a huge inspiration for breakdown part on our track 'A World Drained Of Wonder'. Obviously, J Spacemen's part is loads better due to having access to Abbey Road studios and over 120 musicians. But yeah, 'Let It Come Down' by Spiritualized was on heavy rotation when we recorded the EP in October last year.

ESG - My Love For You

It's all about the thud, thud, thud of bouncing beat! ESG's album, 'Come Away with ESG' has this hypnotic quality to it - super minimal and extremely funky. The relentless use of cowbell in this track is inspired. We used a chip pan, but it's all the same. We are captivated when we listen to the Scroggins' sisters; I can't stop dancing! They could write a catchy song and pull it off live using only a tambourine.

Beck - Devil's Haircut

Beck's songs seem to have all these "surprise" moments in them, which is something we tried to replicate on 'Hey, Hey Tiger!'. A lot of Beck's tracks have looping drum samples almost all the way through them. When we made 'Hey, Hey Tiger!', we put the drum machine through a Wah-Wah pedal and messed about with a delay effect.

Arthur Russell - Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart

We find ourselves in a kind of sentimental mood these days and the songs on the record 'Love Is Overtaking Me' supports this state of being. A lot of the tracks have a wealth of space creating songs that are barefaced and beautiful. Sublime musician, composer and Artist with a capital 'A'.

Talking Heads - Found A Job

Sure, you've got the likes of Nathan Watts, James Jamerson and Paul McCartney, but Tina Weymouth has the power! The bass-lines on tracks like 'Found A Job', 'Psycho Killer' and 'Once in a Lifetime' stand out as some of the best of all time. We aimed to write infectious bass-lines on the 'Songs For Vonnegut EP'. Hopefully our channelling of Tina's natural flare has had an effect.

Bon Iver - ____45_____

Justin Vernon seems to have come through a quandary on his latest album '22, A Million'. It sounds like the letting go, or submission of some human quality - as if Vernon was embracing recent technological shifts. We might have missed the point, but it is inspiring stuff. '____45_____', has these beautiful saxophone "versus" vocoder moments, which made conjures up images about smart devices and our peaceful mergence with computers. 'It Is As If I Am A.I.' was an attempt to address these feelings.

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