From Sinbad to Danny Dyer: Top Joe’s Favourite Scousers

From Sinbad to Danny Dyer: Top Joe’s Favourite Scousers

Between jaunts to Skipton, France, Leeds and L.A, Top likes to spend some time in Liverpool. 

Sit back as the nocturnal comedian introduces to us his all-time favourite scousers:



Sinbad brought a truth to Brookside not often seen in the soap opera genre. And through his work at The Royal Court Theatre in productions such as ‘Little Scouse On The Prairie’ and ‘Scouse Of The Antarctic’, he is opening the eyes of new audiences all the time. To witness a performance from Sinbad is, I imagine, like seeing Olivier treading the boards in his prime.


Danny Dyer

Liverpool has a history of loveable rogues, William Gladstone, Derek Hatton, Sting; they’ve all made a difference in the world with a mix of brute force and charisma. Huyton's Danny Dyer is doing the same. This lad is all over our screens at the moment and it makes me proud of my adopted city every time I hear that Liverpool dialect.


Ringo Starr

Ringo, chief songwriter in The Beetles has flown the flag for Liverpool for many years now. Always first to sing about his scouse pride from the rooftops he has inevitably found a place in the hearts of anyone connected to the city.


The Atomic Kitten

The first cool cat to harness nuclear energy, this feisty feline came hot on the heels of Spiced Girls in the 90s with her own brand of scientific, scouse girl power pop. She asked difficult questions of her audience and produced music with a philosophical bent long absent from pop music.

The Atomic Kitten became one of the best-selling artists to come out of the city and later used her nuclear smarts to develop a mould breaking range of cuisine for the company Iceland, which harnessed the power of microwave energy. This led directly to her appointment as commis chef at the Hadron Collider canteen in Geneva.


Lloyd Grossman

Lloyd Grossman, or ‘The Grocer’ as he once asked me to call him, is a true eccentric. After growing up on the mean streets of Woolton Village, The Grocer went on to present seminal cookery show Through the Keyhole, and was latterly the owner of National Museums Liverpool. The Grocer isn’t seen in Liverpool as much these days but when he does come back we get together and shoot the breeze over a tap water. Just don’t mention David Frost’s knighthood.


Anton Chekhov

Anton really championed workers rights when the common man was at an all time low in the city. In 1870 he abolished the bacon tax, introduced the world’s first air conditioning system at St George’s Hall and lobbied for the removal of Stonehenge from the St John’s Centre to a more suitable site - directly paving the way for the reimagining of Liverpool as a port city. An absolute visionary.

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