“I Want to Start a Community” Legalities, Red Tape and Ramifications

“I Want to Start a Community” Legalities, Red Tape and Ramifications

I’ve begun my essay with a misnomer in the title. The misnomer is that there is no red tape in starting a community. Anyone can start a community. It doesn’t cost you anything and you don’t need a license. Some people will lead you to believe that communities didn’t exist before the Internet, but they did. And when I say somebody, I mean Dave Lazenby. He sold me a slow cooker that didn’t work. And I don’t even like cooking. To sweeten the deal he gave me some expired vouchers. And I feel very angry about that. And if I see Dave Lazenby in the street I’ll avoid him essentially. Because I don’t like confrontation.

But I think Dave Lazenby is like an enemy. And I would say that if you are starting a community then the only thing you need is an enemy.

First you start the community on a shared interest. And that interest is stamp collecting. And that interest is the be-all and end-all. You go into that community thinking, “I must get my stamps. I must show people my stamps.” And this is how a community starts. At first your self-interest is at heart and then something else starts to happen that is beyond self-interest. And your loneliness evaporates. The stamps are your catalyst. And then you become one. You are a community. And you become a stronger community in the face of adversity. Because stamp collecting is boring. And so this strengthens the bond.

The stamp collecting community looks at other communities and they say, “we’re not like that are we? We’re a community aren’t we? And we’re not like that other community over there. Those people are our enemies” And everyone needs an enemy.

The bus driver’s enemy is the school child. The bus driver wants to get to the destination in calm and silence. The school child wants to ring the bell repeatedly and wreak havoc. The postman’s enemy is the dog. The postman wants to deliver the mail. The dog wants to destroy the mail.

And we all have enemies too. We define ourselves by our enemies. You say “Look at those guys over there, man, all those guys in the suits, they’re all so square, they’re not turned on to it, man... They’re all part of the system, they’re not hip to it man, they don’t know the truth.”

But in fact no one knows the truth. Not even us. And we say - look at them – our enemies. But those enemies are us, and we are them. Light shines in darkness because where else could it shine? By virtue of the fact that we need them, it means that we are them. We are one and the same thing. And this is a difficult thing to swallow.

“We are artisan bakers, we know the truth.”

“We are stamp collectors, we know the truth.”

… And that person can’t be a part of our community because they don’t collect stamps…

And in practical terms that’s fine. But recognition of your enemy is the most important thing. You must ask yourself now - “Who is my enemy?”

Your second thought must be – instead of trying to destroy that enemy – how can I accept that enemy? And that may be the most difficult thing you ever do… and you may not complete that task. But as long as you as you strive towards letting them into your community, then you are on your way to… The World Community.

The World Community is something entirely different to what you have encountered before. It is different to the stamp collecting community. It requires finding common interests when you think there are none – not everyone collects stamps. And some people might hate stamps. And some people might even have a phobia of them. But that is more of a psychological condition.

Dave Lazenby is my enemy. I hate him with all of my being.

He is debonair.

He is smooth.

He is an extrovert.

He has a job most of the time.

He is successful.

He owns a lawnmower.

He has a girlfriend.

He is out and about.

He wears an orange hi-vis jacket.

I wear a yellow one.

He is relatively clean shaven.

I am not.

He has a dog.

I have a cat.

He goes out when it’s raining.

I avoid rain.

Dave Lazenby is my enemy. But is he anything like me? …

No. I’d say he’s not. He’s the one exception to the rule. So it will be very difficult to accept him into my community. I hate him. As I said, I don’t like Dave Lazenby.

So, to round up - in conclusion:

Red tape?

There is none.


We’ve done that.


I would say it’s good practice to consult a lawyer on all matters. I always keep a lawyer on my books and it has been the mainstay of my success. If anyone is looking for one then I would recommend Isham R. Redford. He’s on Google.

Go out and find your enemy.


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