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Q&A: Neal Heard

A Lover’s Guide to Football Shirts is a self-proclaimed high-end coffee table book that looks at the cultural and stylistic history of jerseys, and explores the special place they hold in the hearts of children and men-children alike. We caught up with him to get the low-down.

Twenty (more) years of hurt

Twenty years. Wow. Feels a lot when I write that. Even longer when I say it out loud. But it really has been two entire decades since Euro 96; that long hot summer when I did more than just fall in love with the beautiful game. I became besotted by it.

Gascoigne - The Live Show

It’s 10.30pm on 9 July 2010. As suburban England closes her eyes on a balmy summer night armed gunman Raoul Moat remains at large. The country is glued to various media outlets as police trawl the Northumbrian countryside for their prey. After almost a week on the run, it’s starting to look like only a Superman-like figure can offer resolve. 

Winter Walzters - New Brighton Tower FC

You know how it is; you’ve finally broken the back of all the singing chimneysweep adverts for tool hire companies or advice on checking your bollocks, and some former Spurs passenger, whose face you think you can place as the bellend who colonised your Merlin Premier League 94 swaps pile, is goading you to pick up the phone.

I Heart the Nineties

The chances are Messi, Suarez, and Neymar will become the greatest forward-line the game will ever see, it’s unlikely the 2005 Champions League final will ever be bettered for drama, and Spain’s reign at the summit of the international scene will be talked about by footy hipsters whose parents aren’t yet born. But it all leaves me numb. Football peaked in 1998.